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Christianity Rediscovered


Publisher writes

This profound and thought-provoking book is one of the classics of modern missionary writing.

Superficially just a good missionary story, about how one man brought a number of groups of Masai people in east Africa to Christian faith, it is something much more than that. For in what the author says about the method and content of evangelism; the meaning of the eucharist; and the nature of ministry, we are led back to the question our understandings of the mission of the church in all its contexts.

Preface by Lammin Sanneh. 

For Vincent Donovan, his experiences in Africa meant a total reappraisal of the meaning of his faith, and therefore a rediscovery of his Christianity. His book, which is written with moving simplicity, continues to represent a provocative challenge to all those engaged in issues of evangelism and multiculturalism.

Author Information

Vincent J. Donovan, Lamin Sanneh

Vincent J. Donovan is an American Roman Catholic who conducted pioneer missionary work among the Masai people of Tanzania. Lamin Sanneh is D.Willis James Professor of Missions and World Christianity at Yale University.

Judges' and contributors' comments

Dominic Walker: This amazing book written by a Roman Catholic missionary priest who worked among the Masai in Tanzania opened my eyes to the need to get alongside the culture and customs of those we are seeking to evangelise and to take them on a journey to places where neither have been before. The principles Donovan outlines apply as much to mission among the unchurched in our own country as among the Masai people in Africa.

Reader comments

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