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Jesus the Jew


Publisher writes

In this, Geza Vermes' best known book, there emerges perhaps the closest portrayal that we have of a genuinely historical Jesus. Freed from the weight and onus of Christian doctrine or Jewish animus, Jesus here appears as a vividly human, yet profoundly misunderstood, figure, thoroughly grounded and contextualised within the extraordinary intellectual and cultural cross currents of his day. Jesus the Jew is a remarkable portrait by a brilliant scholar writing at the height of his powers, informed by insights from the New Testament, Jewish literature, and the Dead Sea Scrolls alike.

Author Information

Geza Vermes

Géza Vermes was a British scholar of Jewish Hungarian origin—one who also served as a Catholic priest in his youth—and writer on religious history, particularly Jewish and Christian.

Judges' and contributors' comments

William Whyte: There are problems with this book; indeed, virtually a whole industry exists to prove just that. Yet it is important precisely because it sparked such a critical debate. It also remains a wonderful introduction not just to Jesus the Jew, but Jesus the man: escaping the traditional depiction of a sort of alien who descended to earth in favour of a living, breathing, inhabitant of a real time and place.

Reader comments

Jon Blanchard

27 December 2014 @ 22:18

Jesus is interesting, and the gospels were written, not because he was a first century itinerant charismatic rabbi but because he may be the crucified and risen incarnate Son of God.

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