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Paul and the Faithfulness of God


Publisher writes

A masterly exposition of Paul's thought by one of his leading contemporary interpreters. The summation of a lifetime's study, this landmark book offers an unparalleled wealth of detailed insights into Paul's life, times and enduring impact. Destined to become the point of reference in Pauline studies for the next decade, and beyond. 'Tom Wright's long-awaited full-length study of St Paul will not in any way disappoint the high expectations that surround it. From the very first sentence, it holds the attention, arguing a strong, persuasive, coherent and fresh case, supported by immense scholarship and comprehensive theological intelligence. It is a worthy successor to his earlier magisterial studies of the themes of the Kingdom and the Resurrection: lively, passionate and deeply constructive, laying out very plainly the ways in which the faith of the New Testament is focused on God's purpose to re-create, through the fact of Jesus crucified and risen, our entire understanding of authority and social identity.' Rowan Williams, Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge

Author Information

N. T. Wright, Tom Wright

N. T. Wright is Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews. He has written over forty books, including The New Testament and the People of God (1992), Jesus and the Victory of God (1996), The Resurrection of the Son of God (2003), Pauline Perspectives (2013) and Paul and His Recent Interpreters (2013).

Judges' and contributors' comments

David Winter: Paul and the Faithfulness of God is a massive work (1,600 pages) by one of this generation’s outstanding biblical scholars. Tom Wright, former bishop of Durham, sets out to marry history and theology in the teaching of St Paul as he maps out the divine purpose in Jesus for Israel and for humanity. This is a readable but masterly work of scholarship. 

Reader comments

Philip Rowlings

01 November 2014 @ 07:26

I am very glad to see this very recent book on the list. In 20 years I expect it will be seen as a counterbalance to the misdirected Post enlightenment schools of Christian teaching. It gets the NT testament discussion "back on the rails". It's not so much weighty as methodical, as it needs to untangle the tangled fishing lines of thought that served non Jesus agendas.

Adrian Worsfold

27 September 2014 @ 21:57

Lots of cogs interconnecting, lots of wheels turning, but is there any explanation whatsoever of how life actually runs, anything other than the strangeness of a previous culture?

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