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Being as Communion


Publisher writes

In the context of a complete theology, which includes extended consideration of the major theological topics - the Trinity, Christology, eschatology, ministry and sacrament, but above all the eucharist - John Zizioulas propounds a fresh understanding, based on the early Fathers and the Orthodox tradition, of the concept of person, and so of the Church itself.

Judges' and contributors' comments

Jane Williams: Hugely influential.

Peter Forster: This seminal text sets out a vision of creation, and human beings in particular, as intrinsically related to the Trinitarian God, drawing on classic patristic theology, but cast in a modern quasi-existential light.  This opens up new vistas on the life of the Church, and especially its ministry and sacraments, in a way which has been highly influential upon a generation of theologians.

Reader comments

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