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The Foolishness of God


Judges' and contributors' comments

Barry Morgan: A comprehensive, very readable guide which deals with all the main aspects of Christian doctrine. It is hard to find a better book than this as an introduction to the Christian faith.

David Stancliffe: It was the trial version of this book, preached by my predecessor as Bishop of Salisbury as a set of addresses at a Three Hours on Good Friday when I was a schoolboy, that kept me there for three hours and gave me my first coherent and persuasive apology for the Christian faith.

Reader comments

Derek Harvey

01 February 2016 @ 22:42

I have never read this book, but I do remember it being read by the priest who prepared me for confirmation in 1975. He put it aside for our weekly talk! It was obviously published before 1990. I am prompted to find a copy to read.

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