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The Idea of the Holy


Publisher writes

Since the English translation first appeared in 1923, Rudolf Otto's volume has established itself as a classic in the field of religious philosophy. It offers an in-depth inquiry into the non-rational factor in the idea of the divine and its relation to the rational.

Judges' and contributors' comments

Mark Oakley: I remember well first reading this at university, transfixed by those key words: numen, mysterium, tremendum, fascinans. I suddenly realized that religious people can’t have a monopoly on God and, in fact, often prove to be God’s most subtle subverters in preaching he is none of the above.

John Saxbee: Feelings matter when it comes to what we believe and why. Otto’s book countered the image of theology as somewhat dry and clinical by invoking the revelatory potential of everyday experience. He reached parts other theologians seldom reached – and he still does.

Reader comments

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