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Ecclesiastical History of the English People

With Bede's Letter to Egbert and Cuthbert's Letter on the Death of Bede


Publisher writes

Written in AD 731, Bede's work opens with a background sketch of Roman Britain's geography and history. It goes on to tell of the kings and bishops, monks and nuns who helped to develop Anglo-Saxon government and religion during the crucial formative years of the English people. Leo Sherley-Price's translation brings us an accurate and readable version, in modern English, of a unique historical document. This edition now includes Bede's Letter to Egbert concerning pastoral care in early Anglo-Saxon England, at the heart of which lay Bede's denunciation of the false monasteries; and The Death of Bede, an admirable eye-witness account by Cuthbert, monk and later Abbot of Jarrow, both translated by D. H. Farmer.

Author Information

the Venerable Saint Bede, (translated by D. Farmer, Leo Sherley-Price)

Bede was born in 673. He became a monk at an early age and lived most of his life at Jarrow. Scholar, teacher and writer, he wrote biblical and other works. He has been described as the 'Father of English History'. Bede died in 735. Leo Sherley-Price is a Rural Dean and parish priest at Devon. He has translated a number of other historical and theological texts. D. H. Farmer is author and editor of several books on ecclesiastical and monastic history.

Judges' and contributors' comments

Ian Bradley: A classic to be read again and again for getting a grounding in the faith of our islands.

William Whyte: Bede was England’s first-ever historian. He was a monk and a genius. And the Ecclesiastical History is important not just because it’s so interesting and tells us so much about a period that we would otherwise struggle to understand, but also because it is an encouragement to anyone who wants to combine a life of faith with the life of the mind. I am not a monk or a genius, but Bede is a hero of mine.

Reader comments

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