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Waiting for God


Publisher writes

Emerging from thought-provoking discussions and correspondence Simone Weil had with the Reverend Father Perrin, this classic collection of essays contains her most profound meditations on the relationship of human life to the realm of the transcendant. An enlightening introduction by Leslie Fiedler examines Weil's extraordinary roles as a philosophy teacher turned mystic. "One of the most neglected resources of our century," "Waiting for God" will continue to influence spiritual and political thought for centuries to come.

Judges' and contributors' comments

John Pridmore: Simone Weil teaches us ‘to face the terror of God’s reality and the awful burden of his love’. So long as the church remains hungry for power, so long we shall need the testimony of this wraith of a woman – the witness, both of her words and of her frail and wasted figure, that the way of Christ is renunciation.

Philip Welsh: Who could resist an essay in this collection titled, ‘Reflections of the Right Use of School Studies with a View to the Love of God’, written during the war by an intense, fragile philosophy teacher and social radical? She places the discipline of attention – not warmth of heart – as developed in study, at the very centre of both prayer and the love of our neighbour: ‘prayer consists of attention. It is the orientation of all the attention of which the soul is capable towards God … The love of our neighbour is made of this same substance. Those who are unhappy have no need of anything in this world but people capable of giving them their attention’. I keep going back to it.

Reader comments

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